Friday, December 5, 2008

Prop 8: The Musical

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I heard this on NPR last night, and then watched it today (thanks Meridith!). It's pretty great. I enjoyed that they normalized gay marriage so nicely. First appealing to the fundies' bible argument, and then arguing that gay marriage is good for capitalism, too. Great argument for exactly why gay marriage isn't a radical move (exactly like hetero-marriage) at all, even if that wasn't the central message of the piece.

Speaking of marriage, this post was up at Racialicious (although originally posted elsewhere) about the state of marriage for Black women. Instead of framing the question in a 'what-is-wrong-with-the-black-community' way, the question of "do Black women even want to get married?" is proposed (punny!). I like it.

Speaking of all-things-great, I just went into the Women's Resource Center for the first time in years, and A) one of my students works there and B) they have an awesome lending library. My office-mate picked up Beyond Beats and Rhymes from there earlier this week. After I turn in my exams, I'm going to go check out (punny again!) what other DVDs they offer.

Oh, and an update from my last crab-ass blog from a couple days ago: Joy Cardin had a guest on today from the Freedom From Religion Foundation who apparently put a plaque up near the state capitol's Christmas tree about the separation of church and state. I only caught the last part, but still there were callers complaining that "no one can celebrate Christmas anymore..." But at least the guest was awesome and responded that their claims were ridiculous.

I'm excited for wine tonight!