Sunday, January 4, 2009


i'm sitting in a weird Activity Center in a retirement trailer community in Florida. no one is around which is nice, yet creepy. i decided it was worth the $2 to purchase one hour of internet time. i left Milwaukee less than a week ago to drive down here with my mom. it's shown me how reliant i am on a few things: media, the internet, my own music, podcasts, npr, internet, internet, internet. Obviously i'm also addicted to drinking with people i love, but i already knew i'd miss that while gone. these other things are somewhat surprising. Oh, turns out i also like having to run errands and walk places.
Also surprising: Crappy TV is turning me into an insomniac. the other night i stayed up until 4am because i couldn't sleep. i think it was a combination of 4 hours of Cosby Show marathon and then I happened to catch "What Not to Wear" (which i need to talk to S and A about because i know they're big fans ... i wasn't sure what to think when i saw this episode. it depressed me a little, but again, insomnia, so who knows?) and then some other mom-needs-to-take-care-of-herself-via-makeover show.
I have realized the following occurs when I am bored with my mom for a bit too long and lacking other mental stimulation: I already mentioned insomnia. I look forward to eating quite a bit. I don't want to do anything. I just want to watch TV even though that really does mean I will spend 50% of that time watching the same effing insulting and offensive commercials over and over and over. i'm boooooooooored. bored. i honestly don't think i've uttered those words in a really really long time.
i'm ready Sarah Vowel's newest book, the Wordy Shipmates. It's pretty good despite my little knowledge about the 1600s.
i'm thinking my PMS isn't helping my situation. yesterday i almost freaked out on my mom's neighbor for talking insanely loud on her cell phone. holyshitshutthefup!
i'm going to read some more stuff online before I head back to the trailer. maybe i'll take a walk and catch up on TAL or something.
i'm totally over florida for now. i know that it's really nice outside. i shouldn't complain. i'm ready to come back. i wish dathan were going to be there. balls. baaallllls. girl (meaning me) needs a drink with some interesting and funny peops stat.